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"Janice never let an opportunity go by to humiliate Mark about being her transvestite secretary. She would berate and scold him for the littlest transgression, even going so far as to lift his skirt and check wether or not he was wearing the sissy panties she had laid out for him every day. "Are you dressed like a good little girl today, Mark?" she would sneer "Let's see if you're wearing the panties I bought for your birthday!" She even taunted him over the size of his penis. "Yes, I see you panties fit well" she'd say as she squeezed his genitals "I know with a cock this size you will take a little girl's size!" Mark only nodded and obeyed his wife's commands. He was becoming well trained as a sissy husband and had lost his once bossy demeanor...."
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"Janice loved to make her husband stop his secretary duties and get down on his knees to suck her strapon. "Suck that dick!" she'd hiss "I want to see you sucking cock like that little whore I caught you cheating with!" See, she had caught him getting a blow job from her old secretary and that's why she decided to feminize him into a transvestite secretary and sissy husband. "I just wish I had a pair of balls to blow a load of semen in your mouth" Janice would jeer "But I guess I'll just have to settle for jamming it up your little asshole, huh? Now STAND UP And BEND OVER!" Mark knew what was coming next..."

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"Mark would beg his wife not to shame him when ever she ordered him to pull down his pantyhose, panties and bend over the desk, but it just seemed to infuriate her. "Shut up and quit wimpering!" she'd bellow as she oiled her strapon with a dollop of baby oil "Take it like a good sissy bitch and pull your ass cheeks apart NOW!" Mark gasped in pain as Janice roughly jammed the strapon up his clenching anus and started thrusting it in and out with a fury that was quite shocking. "S-STOP! It...HURTS!" he'd moan, but Janice just laughed "Quiet, BITCH!" she'd yell "I love fucking your sissy ass! I might even tape it and put it on the web for all your friends to see! You'd like that wouldn't you?!" Tears would trickle down Mark's face as she sodomized him. "They might even want to invite you over for a good fuck party sometime, would you like that? I bet you'd take a REAL cock just like that little bitch you were cheating with!" ..."
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"After she had finished fucking Mark in the ass with her strapon, Janice would order him to lay on the desk on his back and masturbate for her with his dress pulled up so she could watch. "Jerk that little sissy cock!" she'd order in a tone that was positively shocking "I want to see that little penis of your's spurt!" Mark would try to comply but found it hard to orgasm while his wife scolded and berated him about his cock size in such a loud voice. "Come on, Mark!" she'd sneer "Get that little dick hard and make a spurt for mommy! Right in your pantyhose like a good little girl!" After much fumbling and jerking, he would finally shoot a load into his pantyhose. "God, you are pathetic!" Janice would laugh "What a little dribble of cum you made! I think you make a much better transvestite secretary and sissy than a husband, so off with you to the kitchen and get dinner ready!" Mark would get up and tidy himself a bit as his wife pointed to the kitchen. "Off with you! You can change your pantyhose AFTER we eat!"..."
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