Time for all married men to be feminized and cross dressed as pretty maids and serving girls? That's what this group of dominant wives and stern Mistresses claim. Want to be the submissive and sexually obedient transvestite maid or sissy bitch of a a strong woman? One who will decide what female clothes you wear and wether or not you take a cock in the mouth or ass? Come see what sexual shame and humiliation awaits those men who are forced to become feminized maids!
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Forced To Be A Feminized Maid!

"My husband Jeremy was always whining and bitching about helping me do anything around the house. But I fixed that! How? By forcing him to become my sissy maid! I make him cross dress and do chores around the house just as soon as he gets home from work. Sometimes it's a bit of a struggle, I literally have to slap him around for a bit, then force him into his maid clothes. Dressing a baby is tough enough, but have you ever had to put panties and pantyhose on a struggling husband? Sometimes I think he fusses more than he really wants to just to make me think he doesn't like being a feminized maid. How do I know? Because once I actually caught him masturbating to pictures of little boys in dresses! THAT'S when I knew what I had to do - make him into a little girl and humiliate him sexually! He now knows who wears the panties in the family - HIM!"

Fetch My Strapon, Maid!

"I keep my husband Larry feminized at all times around the house. He knows that his wife is the dominant partner in this marriage and he's but a servant to my needs and wishes. I allow him to pick out his female clothing, but it must be pretty! I refuse to have a feminized maid around that looks cheap. He obeys for the most part and does as he's told, but there are occasions when I need to apply a little discipline. When I feel he's been disobedient or slow to meet my demands, I order him to go to the bedroom, open the top drawer of my dresser and fetch me my strapon. He knows what THAT means! Some little sissy bitch is about to get fucked good and hard! I make it even more shameful for him by leaving the living room drapes wide open and buggering him right there so all the people on the block can see what a feminized bitch he is - MY bitch!"
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A Feminized Maid In Panties

"When Bill first confessed to me that he liked to occasionally cross dress as a young man, I was shocked. Not because I saw anything wrong with it, but because it was MY favorite sexual fantasy to have a husband that I could dress as a pretty girl from time to time. I couldn't believe my luck! And now one of our favorite husband/wife role play nights is "feminized maid night". I pick out his clothing, from his choice of high heels and panties right up to his wig and makeup. We then have some of the best sex ever! Ladies, let me tell you, letting your man explore his feminine side can make for some deliciously sensual and naughty times! I advise you to try it. Trust me, you might just find having a feminized maid in panties in your house could be the BEST thing for your marriage!"

Punishing A Feminized Maid!

"My husband Dennis is constantly trying to get one over on me! How? By doing sneaky things like not wearing panties under his skirt or pantyhose! I told him when I feminized him that from now on, I wanted my little transvestite maid to dress like a real woman at ALL times! No cheating or there'd be Hell to pay! And what do you think that little sissy bitch did just this morning? Forgot his panties! I had him cleaning the stove and happened to notice that he was naked under his pantyhose (Yes, I checked). Time to punish this naughty little feminized maid! I hiked his skirt and started slapping his bottom good and hard. Of course this was just a warmup, I soon ordered him to the bed room and got down my big leather strap from the wall. This is one little transvestite husband who's not going to be able to sit for a WEEK!"
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feminized maid picture

A Transvestite Maid Gets Fucked!

"Male's ALL need to be fucked in the ass by a strong woman once in a while, right? And when they're also your feminized maid or transvestite serving girl, they need it ALL the time! Why? Because I like to also share my feminized husband with my gay and bisexual male friends on occasion. He needs to feel a REAL cock in his mouth or up his tight little shit hole from time to time in order to keep him well feminized and sissified. A strapon fucking is fine, but only as a substitute for a natural corn-holing!"
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