When Martha decided that her young husband William would make a better girl than a man, she dressed him as a cute little "man maid" and humiliated him with threats of forced feminization and sissy training shame! Thing's got ugly when one night while drunk she buckled on her pink strapon and proceeded to make her poor husband into a "real" woman....could you stand being the feminized maid of a dominant bitch who gets off on cross dressing, sodomizing and then pimping your virgin asshole out to her well-hung black friends for money?!
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"Martha was married to a William, a man who she constantly shamed and humiliated with her withering sarcasm and scoldings. She had found his love making skills somewhat lacking after a year of marriage, so she satisfied her repressed sexual urges by tormenting him about his masculinity. Specifically she called him a "sissy" and always threatened to force him to cross dress and play a submissive feminine role. Finally, she went all out and made him into her feminized maid and took great pleasure in making him do chores and clean up around their house. And as he obediently went about his maid duties one day, she started to get drunk and berate him. "Look at you, William" she hissed "Cross dressed as a sweet little house maid and fit only to be a REAL man's cock bitch!" She had often threatened to pimp him out to other men while dressed as a female..."

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"What is a feminized maid's worst nightmare? A drunk wife armed with a stiff rubber strapon and hungry to see her husband shamed and humiliated. And poor William was about to face just such a time when Martha put down her vodka and tonic, raised her skirt and revealed the pink strapon buckled around her loins. "Get a look at this cock" she sneered "I'm going to teach you how to take a cock like a good sissy husband should! I think it's time I took your ass cherry before I pimp you out to some of my male friends down at the club!" William was shocked that his wife could be so cruel, he had foolishly thought that agreeing to be her feminized maid and allowing her to cross dress him would of been enough to satisfy her dominant sexual desires, but this was going TOO far...."
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"The first thing a good bitch man maid should learn is how to properly suck a cock" Martha hissed "So down on your knees and let's begin your sissy suck training!" William was aghast at the thought of having to perform oral sex on another man, but his wife was drunk and in no mood for nonsense. "Down!" she thundered "And start sucking like a truck stop whore! All REAL men enjoy a good blowjob and I don't want you embarrassing me when I pimp you to my horny friends" William took the cock head into his mouth a little ways. "DEEPER!" his wife screamed "SUCK! My black friends all have absolutely HUGE cocks and they'll be pissed if they don't get some GOOD DEEP THROAT from their transvestite maid cock whores!"...."

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"Up on the table and bend over!" Martha commanded as she raised William's little maid uniform skirt and pinched his ass "And get those panties down, it's time for you to become a REAL woman! LOL!" William gasped as he felt her insert her fingers into his anus and work them back and forth. "Let's get you loosened up a bit" she whispered as she stretched his asshole wider "I got something nice and hard for my little feminized maid to enjoy!" She put the head of the strapon into his anus and with a single thrust drove it deep into his asshole. "AHHHHHHHH!" William gasped "IT BURNS!" But Martha ignored his cries and pleas "SHHHHHHHHH!" she sneered "Little man maid's don't wimper when they're fucked, they BEG for more! Now let me hear you BEG for more cock!" She began to thrust her hips back and forth, slamming the strapon into William's clenching asshole again and again...."
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"Martha fucked William harder and faster with the strapon, each mighty stroke driving the rubber cock deeper and deeper into his anus. "Take it, bitch!" she hissed "Feel that cock stretching your little shit hole like a good whore!" William tried to resist, but tingling feelings of delight stated to ripple through his body as his bitch of a wife ass fucked him faster and faster. He felt his cock grown erect inside his soft silk panties and his balls start to contract. Thoughts of being dressed as a maid and used by legions of well-hung black men flooded his mind with searing scenes of himself dressed as a cute girl, sucking cock and being forced to take down his panties as they lined up to anally fuck him time and time again! "YEAH, BITCH!" his wife sneered as she humped him "I'm going to get some GOOD money for this sissy ass!" Suddenly William felt his balls contract and a shuddering orgasm rip through his body as he gasped aloud and shot a hot load of wet cum into his panties. A deliciously sensual thought filled his mind. He was going to LIKE being a feminized maid after all!"
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